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Archangel Advice Spread

A quick and easy spread for advice from the “big four” archangels.

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On self-worth and money shadows

I have mixed feelings about this post, folx, so please bear with me as I try to be honest and not completely unbearable.

I have to confront some shadows today, which is a woo way of saying I have to wade through the bullshit – mine, other people’s, and mine again – to rediscover my truth. These shadows are my issues with both self-worth and money. Talk about a whopper.

A few weeks ago I had a flash sale on my Instagram. I had to. Our water heater (we call them “geysers” in South Africa) broke for the second time in less than a year, with the same issue as before. It was completely unexpected as these things are, and our budget was strained. So, scrambling, I offered a flash sale – readings for $3.

I want to be clear that I was and am grateful to the folx who signed up for those readings – I was offering them, after all. At the time I thought it was the best thing to do, but in retrospect I feel all kinds of uncomfortable about it. It was devaluing. Not just to the folx who bought the “cheap” readings (and might consequently have felt “cheapened”), but also to the ones who’d paid full price for readings from me before.

So I’m leading with an apology: I’m sorry, guys. You’ve supported me for almost three years, and I devalued that. I’m sure most of you understand why I did it, but I’m still sorry.

I also need to apologise to myself.

Here’s the thing.

When I do a reading, whether I’m being paid $3 or $30 or not being paid at all, I put in the same amount of effort. I feel like it’s a lot of effort. I usually end up drawing extra cards and answering extra questions because I want the querent to have the most information I can give, to make the best decision for themselves that they can. That’s why folx opt to get readings after all. I have zero patience with readers who try to yarn querents into additional readings or energy work by essentially (pardon the language) cockteasing them with the initial reading.

The flash sale was just the climax in a long series of decisions I made which undervalued me, my time, my skills and the people I interact with. It’s a long story I won’t bore you with (actually it’s pretty harrowing, maybe we can talk about it later). Here’s the thing: if you undervalue yourself, others won’t do it for you – nor is it their responsibility to. By consistently devaluing myself I put other people in the uncomfortable position of covering my self-esteem shortfall, and grew resentful when they couldn’t.

In an attempt to alter this unfortunate pattern, I’ve had to have a think about (among many other things) my readings and healing work, how I go about doing it, and what I charge for my services.

That’s right, my more cynical friends: I’m hiking my prices!

I hope you’ll understand why I’m doing this. It’s one in a series of actions I’m taking to be more fair to myself and other people. I’m setting up boundaries. And that means saying “no”: saying “no” to readings I don’t want to do or don’t have time to do, saying “no” when clients try to cram more than a single issue into one reading, saying “no” when I’m tempted to relent and give in to fears about my self-worth, my abilities and my talents as a reader, and saying “no” to fears about scarcity and popularity and “competition” and ego.

I’ve spent many years saying “Yes” to people and things that corroded my confidence, undermined my autonomy and accountability, and starved my spirit. I don’t want to perpetuate the pattern here, in the tarot work I love doing so much.

So what does that mean for folx wanting a reading?

I’m still working out the kinks, but basically it will work like this.

“Set” readings

I’ve done away with the “general reading” and will henceforth only be offering specific kinds of readings. This is for a few reasons. First, ninety percent of the time someone asks for a general reading what they really want is an answer to a specific question they don’t want to admit to for whatever reason; or they want to poke the universe and see what pops out. This is wearisome and aimless. In my experience, neither client nor reader is ever fully satisfied with a general reading. Second, the “general” reading is the vehicle par excellence for folx who want multiple readings but only want to pay for one. Third, folx will sometimes use the guise of a general reading to take a peek into someone else’s personal affairs, something I’m moving away from*. Lastly, I just don’t feel that general readings are worth the querent’s time or money.

Readings I have available at the moment:

  • Work reading (10 cards)
  • Relationship reading (15 cards)
  • Archangel advice reading (10 cards)
  • Archangel Uriel channelled message (10 cards)
  • Manifesting reading (8 cards)
  • Chakra reading (14 cards)
  • Seasonal reading (21 cards)

More readings will be added in time, so keep an eye out for that!

Readings will be priced per hour

To simplify things and give me room to add other readings to my stable, the price schedule is now determined by an hourly rate ($25.00). So, readings with 1-10 cards will be priced for an hour to an hour and a half; 11-20 cards, two to two and a half hours; and 21+ cards, three to three and a half hours. This includes the reading, its interpretation, typing it up or recording it, taking photos of the cards, etc.

My Reiki healing sessions are priced at $21.50 per half hour.

I will be offering some discount on tarot reading and Reiki combos (for my relationship, chakra and manifest readings.)

Click here to visit my “readings” page.

Other changes

If you follow me on social media, you may see an uptick in “advertising” in the sense that I’ll periodically post about the readings I offer. In the past I’ve felt ashamed about proactively putting myself and my readings out there, like there’s something wrong with it? Shadows, folx! Anyway, I’ll be trying my hardest to be more brave.

I will also be reviving my Patreon platform, so look out for that if you’d be interested in supporting me there!

Like I said above, this price increase is just one in a number of changes I’m making. A lot of these changes involve work on myself: aligning myself more fully with the vision I have for The Thinking Mystic, trying to be more authentic, even authentically messy, being honest about it all, and being accountable about the decisions I’m making.

Probably it’s just my own shadow talking, but I want to acknowledge that this price increase won’t sit well with everybody, and that’s fine. I hope we can agree to disagree and move forward as friends, even if you don’t feel you want to support me via readings anymore.

I want to end this by thanking you all again for your support and community. Thank you for allowing me the space to process, deal, and make adjustments.



PS: I wrote this post two weeks ago but decided to let it simmer while I got my head on straight. The amount of synchronocities I’ve since encountered is just astounding. It’s a bit like the universe was just waiting for me to take a step in the right direction, and now the flood gates are open.

One of these synchronocities is the video by Tom Benjamin below. He talks about insecurity and makes a similar point as I make above, about how insecurity places the burden of esteem on others. I’d definitely recommend you watch the video:

*I know right?! This will get its own post at some point,

A birthday spread

Poem: The Moon

The moon and I?
We’ve met before
once or twice
on nights like this one.
Nights like dilated pupils:
starless, blazing,
hungry, wild
and wild-eyed.
Oh yes, we’ve met
in the confessional
of a dark room at midnight
(Hail Mary)
at the end of long hallways
and long relationships ending.
We know each other
the way you know your reflection
in a mirror
(similar, but not the same,
as the way others see you).
Ours is an inexorable acquaintance--
inexorable in the way of tides, or love.
Magnetic, destructive, yearning,
Yes. You could say
the moon and I
have met before.

I know – more poetry! You didn’t survive the year 2007 to be subjected to this…

What can I say, but that the moon was full?

Have a lovely week,


Daily angel message – Monday 22 April 2019